Prevent All Cigarette Trafficking (“PACT”) Act

To our customers:

Thank you for being a part of the AVAIL family. We know there is a lot going on in the world, and we want to make sure you are in the loop on an event that will soon impact our community.

In case you missed it: At the end of December 2020, the US Congress passed a rule that will include e-cigarettes and vapor products in the Prevent All Cigarette Trafficking (“PACT”) Act as part of the omnibus 2021 Consolidated Appropriations Act. To explain it very simply, this change means that starting on Saturday March 27, 2021, vapor products are considered tobacco products and cannot be shipped via the United States Postal Service (USPS) and are subject to the same shipping rules as cigarettes, pipe tobacco, and other tobacco.

The good news is: this isn’t goodbye. But we do have some less-than-good news for you today.

What this means for AVAIL: First, we’re not going anywhere. Our intention is and has always been to provide the best quality vape products at great prices to you, our 21+ consumers. We will continue to do just that, while complying, as always, with vapor product regulations. However, for us to continue to ship, we do have to make some big changes.


  • Last day to order is Friday, March 26th at noon Eastern Standard time
  • After Friday, March 26th at noon, we will be working to get shipping back in place for as many customers as possible as quickly as possible

Impact post March 26th:

  • Shipping prices will increase
  • Shipping coverage will be more limited-with details of exactly where we will be able to ship being updated as quickly as possible. Stay tuned for more news on that front via email and at
  • Every single shipment will require an ID check and adult signature at delivery. No exceptions of any kind – it’s the law.
  • Taxes: Depending on your state, you will see sales, use and excise taxes on your orders.
  • Product availability: We have been working with every single one of the manufacturers we partner with to make sure that we’ll be able to keep your favorite e-liquids in-stock, but we cannot guarantee that every product will be available. Between PMTA and the new business-to-business shipping requirements for vapor products, some manufacturers may discontinue some (or all) of their products.

Should I stock up now? We do encourage you to take advantage of online shopping now, before changes occur post Friday March 26th.

We’re working around the clock to make sure we can resume shipping to as many customers as possible, but select areas may not have delivery coverage right away. Especially if you’re in a more rural area, now’s a great time for you to pick up some extra vape supplies. When we have more specific information about locations that we can or cannot ship to within the US, we’ll update you.

We appreciate your support, and we’ll have more news and information for you as soon as possible. If you have feedback about these changes in vapor product shipping regulations, we encourage you to provide that feedback to your elected representatives. Click here to find out how

– Your AVAIL Vapor Team


Question: When is the last day to order on before PACT?
Answer: Noon Eastern Standard Time on Friday March 26th, 2021.

Question: How much will shipping cost?
Answer: There will not be a standard shipping rate. Shipping will vary by distance and order weight total.

Question: Why is there an adult signature required?
Answer: Federal law requires adult signature upon delivery.

Question: How will I know if you can ship to me?
Answer: All updates including shipping regions will be posted on this page and on We encourage you to check these pages periodically.

Question: What will the taxes be for my order?
Answer: This will depend on your location. You can check with your local and state government to see what they will be requiring.

Question: When will you resume shipping?
Answer: As quickly as possible to as many customers as possible.

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