It is important to understand your device and battery.

Below are some practical tips to help guide you through the importance of using your device properly.

  1. Only use devices that contain safety features such as firing button locks, battery vent holes and overcharging protection. Use of regulated mods is highly recommended.
  2. Always store and transport batteries in a protective case when not in use. Never carry loose batteries in pockets or bags, because you don’t want them to come in contact with coins, keys or any other metals.
  3. Do not use battery if the wrapper is torn or damaged.
  4. Discontinue use of battery if it has been crushed, dropped or exposed to hot or cold temperatures or water.
  5. Only use chargers designed for the battery type.
  6. Only use batteries from reputable manufacturers.
  7. Do not short batteries.
  8. Do not dispose of in fire or trash. Please recycle in accordance with local laws.
  9. Replace batteries regularly.
  10. Use of mechanical mods should be limited to those with a proper understanding of electricity.
  11. When a device requires more than one battery, batteries should be bought in sets and only used together.
  12. Charge sets of batteries together and rotate the position of them in the mod when replacing.
  13. AVAIL Vapor shall not be held liable for anyone using mechanical mods with any products we sell.

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